Friday, July 11, 2014

Human & Humanity

source : google

Hi! Hello everybody! :) 

Firstly, I wanna say "Ramadhan Kareem" for all my muslim brother & sister.
May Allah bless us. Amiin o:)
Well, I kinda addict with skincare products these day. I purchased some of 'em \^^/
Such as essence, cc cream, and lotion (moisturizer). Maybe I'll review it later hehehe.

"Human & Humanity"
source : google

From the pict above, you can see the words.
"You don't have to be muslim to stand up for GAZA.
  You just need to be HUMAN."
I guess y'all already knew that Gaza attacked by Israel.
It's so heartbreaking... How could they kill them? :"(
I hope everything will be alright. May Allah bless those people who died in Gaza (Palestine).
Especially for both sides, I hope they will lower their selfishness and make an agreement.
No more WAR please! Let's pray and make an effort to help 'em :")


Arina. R